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We have already visited most of the Tapas Magazine T de Oro award winning restaurants. One of our last stops will be at the Remigio restaurant, located in the Remigio Hotel in Tuleda (Navarra), which offers traditional dishes but with a unique and contemporary touch. Discover it!


From the old inn called Pereira, which dates back to 1839, Remigio Choko was born, where chef Luis Salcedo divides the seasons into three. The respective vegetables are classified in a personal selection and the menus are called ‘Hielo’, ‘Esplendor’ and ‘Envero’. The chef’s passion also includes having his own land where he grows lettuces, peas, broad beans and artichokes. The menu offers a variety of dishes, where you can taste classics such as cardoon from Peralta with almonds, mushrooms and foie gras fantasy, ajoarriero with piquillo peppers and snails, ‘punky’ egg, river eel in green sauce, game meat in season or the ‘Pío Negro’ suckling pig, among many other dishes. Two vegetable menus are available with prior reservation.

Written by: Mikel Zeberio – Aitzol Zugasti

Tudela, Navarra. Gaztambide- Carrera, 4
948 82 08 50 / Website
Daily Menu: €22. Tasting Menu: €65. Menu: €45-55
Signature cuisine

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