Recipe for Ranch Dressing, the favorite dressing of the Americans

If you are a fan of this original Alaskan sauce, take note because it is very easy to prepare at home.

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If you are a fan of accompanying your meals with a good dose of salsa, you are sure to be one of those who accumulate countless jars in the fridge. But, as it is always much healthier to prepare your own homemade sauces, today we bring you the recipe for Ranch Dressing, the favorite of Americans. This popular dressing, created by a plumber turned cowboy back in 1949 on a farm in Alaska, has become the ideal choice to accompany many dishes, including salads, chicken wings, potatoes or any type of meat. If you dare to make it at home, here is a step-by-step guide.

Ranch Dressing, the infallible recipe


  • 1 jar of mayonnaise
  • 100 ml sour cream
  • Pinch of dried chives
  • Pinch of garlic powder
  • Pinch of onion powder
  • Dried parsley
  • Dried dill
  • Salt and ground pepper to taste
Receta de salsa ranchera


  • The preparation has no mystery. Just mix all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk well until the mixture is well blended.
  • Then, cover the bowl and put it in the fridge for half an hour and enjoy this delicious ranch sauce recipe with the dish of your choice!