Pizza with pineapple and pickles? The ultimate split comes to the table

DiGiorno has cooked up controversy with this bizarre elaboration that has revolutionized the internet.

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The gourmet pickle trend, and its viral #PicklePizza stream, with over 16 million views on TikTok, have been established as the basis for the success -or misfortune- of this new creation.

The pizza in question is made with hand-toasted dough, creamy garlic sauce and mozzarella cheese, plus the main ingredients that generate equal parts love and hate.

If you are part of the club of those who love this combination of ingredients, beyond the pizza itself, the brand has launched a collection of merchandising dressed in pizzas with pickles and pineapple that displays from caps to T-shirts or pickleball paddles. 

This creation that has just come out of DiGiorno’s oven adds to the range of pizzas with ‘experimental’ flavors such as the one already launched in 2022, eggs Benedict or sausage and cinnamon.