Pizza Hut presents the ideal pizza for Anti-Valentine’s Day

The fast food chain helps you to end your relationship directly, without filters.

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The anti-Valentine’s Day trend is also in the hearts of many people who either reject extreme capitalism or decide to end their relationships just before the ‘day of love’. In fact, the Tuesday before Valentine’s Day is also known as ‘Red Tuesday’: the day with the highest number of break-ups per year.

Pizza Hut wanted to intensify this cathartic act, helping you to break up with your partner, diluting that awkward conversation and complicated management. On 6 February (Red Tuesday), the chain announced the ‘Goodbye Pies’: its new ‘Hot Honey‘ pizza, sweet but spicy; just like love.

This exclusive edition comes with a personalised packaging for the ‘Hot Honey’ pizza, which leaves a space at the top of the box to add the name of the person with whom you wish to sentence the bond of affection. The break-up here is communicated in a gastronomic key.