Pickle fever continues with red ‘Chamoy Pickles’

The viralization of the pickle on the Internet seems to have no end.

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Pickles are everywhere: from the ‘Picklegate‘ conspiracy to the latest aesthetic trend. It would be enough to take a cursory glance at TikTok to confirm their status: pickles have been going viral on the app for months now through hastags that have had more than 3.7 billion views; as well as viral challenges to eat the product in question.

Now, new generations on the platform seem to have found a new variant: chamoy pickle kits. A strange, giant version stuffed with spicy candy or potato chips, sometimes wrapped in a fruit roll and sprinkled with hot sauce and chili powder.

Chamoy is a typical Mexican condiment, made from apricot, plum or mango with chili peppers, salt and lime juice: a sweet and sour combination that is often used to intensify the flavor of fruits or give a spicy touch to meats.

Hispanic communities in the U.S. and other countries have reclaimed the chamoy pickle by making it a trend through the chamoy pickle kits that have revolutionized, above all, the United Kingdom. The hastag #picklekituk has had more than 3 billion views on TikTok projecting it as the new craze for giant, bright red pickles. The most popular? Alamo Candy’s Big Tex Chamoy Dill Pickle.


chamoy pickle kit. this was so much to process when I first bit into it. if you try this make sure you get takis

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Their packs promise to be ‘deliciously sour‘, and reviews and users corroborate this, urging the creators to try them with ‘extra chamoy’ or wrapped in fruit or topped with Salsaghetti (sort of like spicy strawberry strings, flavored with watermelon or mango) to achieve that sweet, salty, spicy, sour and tart result all at once.