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Pepsi unveils new logo in iconic locations around the world

The company marks a milestone with its first logo redesign in 14 years.

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Pepsi has just unveiled its identity change with a global campaign in which it is taking over iconic locations around the world to celebrate the update of its logo after 14 years. The company is unveiling its redesigned Pepsi Globe in 120 locations to usher in a new era for the brand.

The beginning of a new era

Aligning with its ‘Thirsty for more‘ slogan, which advocates any form of unconventional fun, the brand takes over all these scenarios with digital installations of the oversized can that illustrate the logo in XXL format.

In London, Pepsi appears next to the O2 stadium, as a performance synchronized with its support for music through inflatable cans rising from the River Thames, followed by a light show.

In parallel, a hot air show composed of more than 70 balloons flies over the vibrant skylines of Warsaw and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam); while another of the cans soars over AlUla, a UNESCO heritage site in Saudi Arabia, the Nile River in Egypt and Ain Dubai; as well as being depicted on an interactive digital mural in Australia.

This logo renewal, after more than a decade, is presented as an ode to the ubiquity of its predecessors, revisiting the past to project the brand’s future with a color palette that modernizes its palette of electric blue and black in a design that evokes ‘undulation, bursting and effervescence’.