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Pastoreo, the cultural pop up that brings the countryside to the city returns to Madrid

INTEROVIC once again brings a little piece of pastureland to the city centre in the form of a gastronomic ode to its origins and the rural environment.

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The labour value of livestock farmers, shepherds, artisans and producers builds the narrative of Pastoreo, the critically acclaimed pop up that returns with a third edition in response to the success generated in previous episodes.

From 1 to 3 December, Madrid will be hosting this new free edition at Calle Sandoval, 3, which connects the countryside with the city in a cultural key through a leisure and gastronomic proposal that revolves around lamb, suckling lamb and kid meat of national origin. To promote their consumption through the ‘Closer is better’ project of INTEROVIC, the Interprofessional Sheep and Goat Meat Association of Spain, with the aim of also guaranteeing the future of a sector that has suffered in recent times.

Sheep and goat farming is fundamental to the conservation of our countryside and the protection of our environment. That is why we would like to invite all citizens to join us at Pastoreo to discover the history, culture and tradition of this age-old activity,’ explains Tomás Rodríguez, director of INTEROVIC.

Cultural programming

Pastoreo will serve a menu full of activities such as the photo exhibition ‘Bestiarium’ by José Barea, a tasting of lamb tapas created by the chef Begoña Rodrigo, music and live wool spinning, as well as product tastings and various workshops to create Christmas wreaths, balls and biscuits that will be given on Saturday morning by Floreale.

In addition, on Friday there will be a gastronomic photography workshop and a tasting of sheep and goat cheeses of national origin given by Formaje, a shop specialising in cheeses and raising their culture.

This ephemeral cycle will close on Sunday with two sessions to learn how to decorate Christmas biscuits with María Mirabelli, an expert in confectionery, and another in the afternoon by Floreale dedicated to Christmas wreaths.

The workshops will be priced at 10 euros per person, and all the proceeds will be used for social purposes: they will go to the soup kitchen of the Asociación Manos de Ayuda Social, which supports families through its project ‘Salir Adelante’.

Gourmet lamb tapas

For its third edition, INTEROVIC has enlisted the chef Begoña Rodrigo, from the Michelin-starred restaurant La Salita in Valencia, to design two tapas based on national lamb, which the public will be able to taste on site free of charge.

There are two exclusive creations that can only be tasted during the event: the Coca Dacsa of lamb stew, yoghurt and herb salad and the Lamb Croqueton with herb vinaigrette and tofunesa, a kind of mayonnaise based on tofu and kimchee.