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Paris Starn (@paris.starn) has set up on Instagram an infinite archive of photographic compositions in which she harmoniously frames aesthetic plans and gastronomic creations in the form of cakes or other savory elaborations.

The pastry artist, chef and culinary creator, based in New York, immortalizes with her camera the whole universe in which she plays and experiments with that food that lasts a fleeting moment on the plate and lasts forever on the web.

“My name is Paris and I spend way too much time cooking and baking. I’m obsessive, and the recipes I make come from numerous rounds of testing and scrutiny. In my videos I highlight the technique I’ve acquired by studying the science behind the ingredients and the best practices for their preparation.” This is how Starn self-defines his work through which he connects with viewers through a whole combination of factors such as his expert plating, sculptural tableware, as well as his skill with a pastry that dances between beauty and decadence.


In her creations we can see how she imbues her unique style through meringues in the form of bows or deconstructed fruits with which she has managed to captivate countless contemporary brands such as Acne Studios. A whole imaginary in which she decorates from oblong cakes with intricate hems to braided bread balls with filleted figs that evoke the seductive compositions of baroque still lifes.

Combining that appreciation for visual and culinary traditions, the artist and creative director who also founded her eponymous fashion label Paris 99, inspired by her great-grandmother’s kitchen aprons, has attracted global attention from hospitality, art and fashion in equal measure. A lofty status she has achieved over the past few years, and one that germinated with a creative and pastry background she acquired alongside award-winning pastry chef Richard Leach in her early years before developing her own identity of modernizing traditional dishes and desserts through innovative techniques and retro aesthetics.

Focusing mainly on pastries, and a cuisine that puts the focus on seasonality and local products, Starn’s work encompasses sweet and savory dishes that he captures in a style that is both realistic and evasive, transporting us through different eras filtered through contemporaneity.

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