Oreo revs up fans with new churro flavour

This is the biscuit brand’s tribute to the Japanese sweet.

Click here to read the Spanish version.

Oreo has just unveiled its new limited edition flavour based on ‘a creative twist on a much-loved dessert’.

It’s a dessert within a sugar-coated dessert, sculpted in the shape of golden biscuits with a fried dough flavour and churro-flavoured cream. A creation that has become one of the most coveted versions for Oreo fans, who are counting down the days until they are released.

Several users commented on the mystery flavour Oreo released years ago, which turned out to be churro, but it is unclear if this new release is inspired by it. “I hope this is the same recipe as the 2019 mystery flavour (churro), because they were amazing!” one revealed.

The sweet will be available in shops from Wednesday 27 March.