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NUDAKE presents a creative gym that worships the croissant

Here you can load up on carbohydrates.

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NUDAKE HAUS NOWHERE SHANGHAI is the art installation in the form of a ‘gymnasium’ that pays tribute to the croissant through a wide variety of objects in all sizes. In its space coexist sports elements, figures or furniture sculpted on the basis of the great pastry trend of the moment.

The South Korean artistic dessert concept Nudake is once again revolutionising the algorithm with its giant croissant weights, treadmills topped with chocolate croissants and shelves full of medicine balls.

This new project thus places the croissant as the centrepiece around which the creative composition of ‘GYM‘ revolves in an exhibition in which Nudake’s experimental and ironic approach to carbohydrates and exercise once again shines through.

Visitors can thus interact with all the pieces installed inside the shop of the South Korean avant-garde eyewear brand Gentle Monster, called ‘HAUS NOWHERE‘.