This is the new menu of Etxeko Ibiza by Martín Berasategui, available from April 28th.

Berasategui goes on and on. If last week he opened a tavern in Madrid, now he presents the new menu of Etxeko Ibiza -which received its first star in November-. We tell you all the details of the proposal that will be available from April 28.

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Berasategui continues to unveil new projects for this season. In addition to his recent return to the capital (with the exclusive El Club Allard and the Madrí Madre tavern), at the end of this month he will return to the island of Ibiza with the new menu of the Etxeko Ibiza restaurant, located at BLESS Hotel Ibiza, which won its first star in November. This new culinary proposal, which will continue to be headed by chef Paco Budia, will be available from April 28.

For this season, Berasategui and Paco Budia will invite diners to let themselves be seduced by the most sublime products and creations, with a mixture of recipes from the sea, the countryside and the seasons. A gastronomic journey that can be made through its tasting menu. This will include novelties such as ‘El Clásico’, sparkling chili pepper, marinated Ibizan syrup with cucumber and watercress mayonnaise, or ‘La Frescura’, frozen celery with granulated brandy, carrot and beet and fruit compote.

Other iconic Berasategui dishes such as the ‘Tortilla líquida de jamón’ or ‘la ensalada Etxeko’ will not be missing either, flavors that will take us back to Martín’s roots and reflect his commitment to the Balearic environment. The San Sebastian chef himself compares an evening at the restaurant as “traveling through my origins in the old part of San Sebastian and being seduced by my creations, according to the whim of the sea, the countryside and the seasons”. The Tasting Menu will cost €180 per person, plus €75 for food and wine pairing.

A restaurant to feel at home

Many of the dishes on the menu will be finished at the table in front of the diner in order to make him participate in the gastronomic experience and make him feel at home. Undoubtedly, totally honoring its name, since in Basque etxeco means “from home”.

In addition, the setting where the restaurant is located is ideal for the occasion. Inside the BLESS Hotel Ibiza, located in Cala Nova, guests can indulge in hedonistic luxury, thanks to the experiences designed to make each stay a memorable one. Its breathtaking views over the Mediterranean invite you to let yourself be carried away by the Ibizan mood and enjoy a swim in its infinity pool, or try one of its exclusive signature cocktails.