McDonald’s ventures into the beauty world

The fast food chain presents a nail polish set in collaboration with Nails.INC.

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The McDonald’s universe expands without limits to include in its proposal other types of menus that transcend gastronomy, as it has demonstrated through different creative collaborations with fashion brands or renowned artists of the scene.

Now it has decided to go further to connect its identity with that of Nails.INC and venture into the world of nail art through the launch of a McDonald’s themed nail polish set; which includes a brown nail polish called ‘Big Mac Please’ and another in red entitled ‘Gotta Ketchup’ with a series of fast food stickers such as fries or hamburgers.

For those who want to practice another form of nail design, they can take the brown ‘take away’ bag full of French-style artificial nails with 30 medium-sized almond-shaped nails in a nude shade.

Finally, fans who want to add a little sparkle to their nails can also do so with gold heart toppers to match any nail polish, inspired by the famous McDonald’s slogan.

The collaborative pack will be available on Amazon’s website this month, and in Target shops and Target and Nails Inc. online portals from March.