McDonald’s confirms its french fries perfume is not real

The fast food chain has just broken the great dream of gourmand perfume lovers.

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In early March, McDonald’s Japan appeared to launch one of its most revolutionary beauty products to date: a fragrance scented with the innovative french fry flavours offered in Japan.

The ad was posted on the X platform alongside an image illustrating the trio of prefumes scented with plum nori seaweed salt, a garlic mayonnaise and black pepper condiment, and McDonald’s aromatic fries.

Well, McDonald’s has just confirmed that this supposed beauty product was just an illusion and/or a conspiracy on the internet.

After seeing how widespread and viral the ‘novelty’ was, the company was forced to issue a statement clarifying the matter: ‘The image was released as part of a promotion for the limited time flavoured fries product, and we would like people to enjoy the aroma of the fries and the flavours,’ a spokesperson told Food & Wine. ‘In reality, this perfume is not manufactured or sold’.