McDonald’s celebrates Hello Kitty’s 50th birthday with a fantasy menu

The adorable Japanese kitty now gets her own menu from the fast food chain.

Click here to read the Spanish version.

To celebrate five decades of the animated character, the Japanese company that created her, called Sanri, is now partnering with McDonald’s to create a special Hello Kitty menu wrapped in dreamy packaging.

The Hello Kitty ‘McDonald’s Prosperity‘ menu comes with a Hello Kitty box and paper wrapped around a beef and onion sandwich, curly fries, a ‘Dragon Fruit Fizz’ soft drink and a special McFlurry. If you prefer, instead of the sandwich, you can also order black pepper steak with rice.

The animated design takes on a red colour with Hello Kitty’s face next to printed flowers closing the packaging of this collaboration which, unfortunately, is only available in McDonald’s Indonesia for now.

A sentiment Hello Kitty fans also experienced upon learning that a Hello Kitty McDonald’s bucket that recently went viral on TikTok is actually from a Singapore-exclusive Hello Kitty x McDonald’s collaboration that launched back in 2019.