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Madrid Fusión 2023 ended in style. After three intense days, its 21st edition closed in style with record figures. Its reception was spectacular with 21,106 visitors, 25% more than in 2022. In addition, there were also more congress participants, 1,771 and 708 young people from hotel and catering schools, and more journalists, a total of 1,216. It is clear that the sector is more alive than ever and continues to be able to excite and surprise.

The last day was also a complete cocktail party, where Javier Rivero and Gorka Rico became the revelation chefs of 2023. From their small restaurant Ama Taberna (Guipúzcoa), they are promoting the eating habits of the old Basque farmhouses. For their part, Rodrigo de la Calle and Diana Díaz, his head chef at El Invernadero (Madrid), staged on stage the creative symbiosis with which they manage to extol the vegetable world through a lot of research and, above all, as Diana said, with “method, control and order”.

In addition, Mexican chef Edgar Núñez defended Mexican vegetable cuisine, while at the same time defending the crossbreeding of Mexican and Spanish cuisine. “We are two worlds that meet. Mexico was never a colony but a part of the kingdom of Spain and this benefited the cultural exchange”, Núñez affirmed. The chef showed five dishes with his vegetable moles, presented in various ways: carrot, pumpkin or pine nut moles, and some with seaweed, which are being tested. Even fruit “as they are made in the Veracruz area”. He finished with his favourite, black almond.

The vegetable vindication also came from Álvaro Salazar and María Cano from the Voro restaurant in Mallorca. They showed the first ten bites of their menu in which they turn us into herbivores, but also carnivores and piscivores.

Madrid Fusión Pastry

There was also a place for confectionery. The biggest names in the sector took part, such as Antonio Bachour from Bachour (Miami, USA), considered the best pastry chef on the planet. Eric Ortuño from L’Atelier (Barcelona) also took part, revealing the secrets of the best artisan chocolate panettone in Spain.

Nougat also had a place in this day, thanks to a presentation by David Gil, director of innovation at I+Desserts, who applies revolutionary techniques to the world of nougat. Lluc Crusellas from Carme Pastisseria (Barcelona) added a chocolate touch. “We have to preserve tradition and go further with technology to find its limits”, said this confectioner who makes 3D-printed sweets.

Not forgetting Noelia Tomoshige, who won the prize for best new pastry chef with a dessert of Japanese citrus fruit and Andalusian honey.

This sweet closing confirms that Madrid Fusión is the best event for gastronomy lovers, as was already clear on both the first and second days.

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