Llaollao launches “luxe”, three new premium creations that elevate the concept of frozen yogurt through each spoonful

Biscoff® mania, Pink Passion and Choco Soul are the three new creations perfect to delight the senses and satisfy that moment of pleasure and maximum flavor.

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After a summer full of refreshing and delicious moments, llaollao surprises again with a new launch designed for lovers of indulgence. 

In a world in constant gastronomic transformation, where, in addition, ice cream and frozen yogurt have progressively become a gourmet pleasure, llaollao has always remained at the forefront, anticipating trends without losing sight of creativity in each proposal. , offering a frozen yogurt of the highest quality, with a differentiating point: its customization and versatility.

One more example is the launch of “luxe”, three closed combinations that elevate the concept of frozen yogurt through each spoonful:

Choco Soul for chocolate lovers; Biscoff® mania for those loyal to Lotus in all its versions and Pink Passion, for the most daring, who like to discover new flavors and textures. It is a unique experience that combines freshness and quality, specially designed to delight the senses and satisfy a moment of indulgent pleasure. 

With an elegant and very striking aesthetic, its main novelties focus on the perfect combination of sauces and carefully selected toppings: from the surprising pink sauce with a very special texture that explodes in the mouth, delicious white or dark chocolate brownies, to bubbles of raspberry, delicate pearls of Asian origin that release all their flavor when you bite them.

All of this is harmonized with other toppings such as fruits or muesli, thus making each spoonful a true pleasure for the palate.

With this new launch, the brand continues to work on building a premium identity and positioning through innovation, with the aim of impacting and connecting with new consumers.

«We are aware that the new proposals on the market have played a crucial role in the transformation of the category, offering sophisticated and exclusive options. At Llaollao we love to launch new products that entertain and surprise the consumer. “luxe” represents a new way of enjoying Llaollao from an indulgent point of view, offering daring proposals that make it a luxury experience in every spoonful. At the end of the day, treating yourself to a little treat is the true luxury of life,” says Andrea García, Head of Marketing at llaollao.

llaollao has always been at the forefront since its birth in 2009 by incorporating new products that connect with the public and that respect the essence and values ​​of the brand.

“luxe” thus arrives to complete its product portfolio, which includes its iconic tubs, the Sanum™, NEXT, or another recent novelty: the brioche. All of them are based on top-quality toppings and feature frozen yogurt, made from Galician milk and fresh, natural, and artisanal Cantabrian yogurt.

What is llaollao

Llaollao is the leading frozen yogurt sales and manufacturing brand in the sector. Pioneers in developing the concept of frozen yogurt at a national level, it was born in 2009 and has based its success on three pillars: quality, commitment, and innovation. 

In Spain, each llaollao tub is made up of 53% Galician skimmed milk and 33% natural, fresh, artisanal, Cantabrian yogurt. The result, is a natural, healthy frozen yogurt, gluten-free, containing probiotics, and with a unique texture and flavor. All this together with careful customer service and responding to the commitment to its consumers, to whom they listen and offer, not only the best but the most innovative. 

In any case, at llaollao, they are much more than frozen yogurt. They are defined as an experience in itself; a way of seeing life and savoring it in a fun, modern, healthy, balanced, responsible, and pleasant way.

All this has led it to exceed 360 points of sale around the world, more than 140 of them in Spain and more than 220 internationally.