Lazo, the revolutionary app to give gastro experiences as a gift in Madrid

The restaurant sector is being brought up to date with this innovative platform that has just been installed in the capital.

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Lazo is the new app created by Francisco Bonilla Kuhlmann, a Mexican in the gift card industry, which involves a synergy of creative minds: Yuriy Teslenko, CTO and responsible for the technological architecture of Lazo; Rick Rubin, creator of iRewardify and David Maldonado, author of the magazine Con El Morro Fino and an influential profile in the national gastronomic sector.

Maldonado channels all the experience he has gathered over many years meeting restaurants, writing food reviews and capturing all those experiences with his lens, into a platform with which to give away staged experiences in restaurants. However, the idea behind the project is to expand into other fields with hotels and travel, fashion, leisure and electronics, covering a broader spectrum with which to gift your loved ones.

These gifts become acts of love with an emotional undertone, with the possibility of choosing from among a hundred restaurants and gourmet shops that range from the best speciality coffees to Michelin-starred menus.

Within its infinite catalogue, the user can browse through all the proposals it displays, supported by photos, audios and videos that have just injected innovation into Lazo, as a virtual link that can be shared on social networks.

This app -available on AppStore and Google Play- modernises the gift card sector, bringing greater interaction and dynamism to the experience that the sender and receiver can share on social networks.

In this first phase of the launch, Lazo only operates in Madrid, where it already has Michelin-starred restaurants such as Santerra, El Invernadero or Ricardo Sanz Wellington, among many other emblematic spaces such as Comparte Bistró, Éter, Chispa Bistró, Casa Mortero, Bar Trafalgar, Tres por Cuatro or Bistronómika.

A gastronomic constellation that also includes a large selection of gourmet shops such as La Tintorería, 24 Onzas, Formaje or Obrador San Francisco, as well as the best speciality coffees, and hamburger joints such as Juancho’s BBQ and Gobu, with which you can end up making a chinchín in cocktail bars to suit all tastes, such as Savas Bar and Momus.