La Romana presents a series of ice creams inspired by ‘Bridgerton’

Two legacies come together in the new icy trend.

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The iconic Italian artisan ice cream parlour delves into the sumptuous cuisine of the British regency to create four exclusive flavours that will be served until the end of June in its shops located in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Ibiza.

The spaces of La Romana (1947) are now transformed into tea rooms in which to celebrate the new season of ‘Bridgerton‘: a collaboration in which their two legacies are frozen in a collection of gelatos inspired by the cast of the third season of the period series.

The sweet banquet they propose is thus starred by their characters, who represent each of the iterations. Firstly, they present a tribute to Lady Whistledown in the form of pineapple gelato and lemon sponge cake. On the other hand, the mango and spiced biscuit, in relation to The Viscountess, the cheesecake with crunchy honey to The Dutchess and the chocolate ruby with toasted caramel to The Regency Royal.

In addition to the range of ice creams, the collaboration also includes a new menu of luxury pastries in which the Queen Charlotte, Daphne, Kate and Penelope Bridgerton crumble dazzles. Similarly, the ice cream parlour wanted to pay tribute to the Bridgerton phenomenon through the interior design and decoration of the La Romana premises in Madrid; evoking London mansions with representative elements such as velvet or details such as bows and brocades that enhance the visitor’s opulent experience.