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Kinder Bueno pancakes arrive to Kricky Pelton in Madrid

The cult American burger joint celebrates spring in a nostalgic way.

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Kinder Bueno is that sweet that will always remain in the collective imagination, especially in that of the new generations, who will now have the opportunity to relive the magic of childhood and adolescence with Kinder Bueno Pancakes.

The springtime tribute of the Kricky Pelton hamburger restaurant consists of this new creation with a viral projection that has just been added to its display, but for a very short time. It will only be available until 21 April. Its creator? American Jota Navasqües, who was inspired by his childhood in Dallas to fuse two of his most memorable sweets into one dessert or snack: the Kinder Bueno with the chain’s classic Nutella pancakes.


Every bite of Kinder Bueno Pancakes is a journey back in time, a return to those moments of joy and carefree moments you long to relive. The pancakes, a must at Kricky Pelton, are fluffy and golden, carefully crafted and topped with Kinder Bueno cream’.

To further elevate the fantasy of the experience, each Kinder Bueno Pancake will arrive topped with a scoop of cream ice cream, and a Kinder Egg, ‘whose surprise inside will take visitors back to their childhood with each discovery’.

The new Kinder Bueno Pancakes will be available exclusively at the Kricky Pelton shop, located at 61 Modesto de la Fuente Street, and through delivery.