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Jeremy Allen: the chef’s construction, from fiction to real life

We explore Jeremy Allen’s relationship with gastronomy.

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Jeremy Allen White, also known for being the fervor of the era, maintains a direct and emotional bond with the culinary art, which is not only reflected on screen in the role of a tormented genius, but extends to real life.

The protagonist of ‘The Bear‘ had to develop his career from the beginning as a chef, starting from scratch, in order to acquire a series of culinary skills prior to filming. Allen would then dive right into the kitchen to build and play his acclaimed role of Carmy as a method actor.

The performer trained for two weeks at the cooking school ‘The Institute of Culinary Education’ with actress Ayo Edebiri; actress with whom he shares most of the scenes of the culinary drama that projects one of the most realistic kitchens in the audiovisual world.

He then gained experience working in a real restaurant in Santa Monica, and in some Michelin-starred restaurants such as PASJOLI. And the fact is, the series does not use hand doubles at any time, so the actors do all the work from start to finish, bringing authenticity to their performances and to the production.

From the screen to the kitchen IRL

Gastronomy, as a means of expression, then acquires a greater depth in the series from which a series of seemingly invisible symbologies are diluted, which was also emphasized by the culinary producer of ‘The Bear’, Courtney Storer, offering a series of practical and technical gastronomic lessons to the entire cast.

Jeremy Allen White has thus demonstrated that he is not only talented in acting, but also in the kitchen, glimpsing on screen the extensive culinary skills he has acquired throughout this time. In fact, the ‘Shameless’ actor revealed that he had continued to sharpen his knives and skills for the third season of the series that will serve new chapters with which to satiate the audiovisual hunger of his entire community. A feedback that will take place from June 2024.

Beyond his culinary training with which he added layers of realism in his role as a fictional chef, Jeremy Allen White‘s passion has carried over into real life through exploring different cuisines and experimenting with culinary techniques, as a new hobby he often shares on the internet. In fact, White stated that his knife skills were already quite good, and that he had a dozen dishes he particularly enjoyed cooking, especially on Sundays, including steak au poivre and short ribs.