Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Jason Bateman and Robert Downey dine together in NYC

Hollywood stars line up for an exclusive evening staged at New York’s Raf’s restaurant.

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NYC’s new cult classic is called Raf’s. And it was at this Michelin-recommended fine dining restaurant that the four celebrities gathered as night fell on Thursday, April 4, PEOPLE magazine reveals.

The source noted that Aniston, Downey, Bullock and Bateman were seen enjoying the evening in a relaxed and lively manner, as a gathering of ‘best friends’ engaged in ‘friendly conversation’ at the trendy restaurant that boasts all the charm of a traditional bistro, but with a contemporary twist.

At one of their tables, the cast of actors were able to collectively enjoy the European menu with Italian and French influences designed by their chef Mary Attea. From dishes such as snails to pizzas and pastas such as mafaldine with shredded rabbit and favas with lemon pesto, prepared with great technique and subtlety.