Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer reunite in Uber Eats Super Bowl ad

An iconic crossover also featuring Usher, The Beckhams and Jelly Roll.

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The food commercials for the Super Bowl 2024 are dazzling with stars galore. In the case of Uber Eats, Jennifer Aniston appears in a recording studio thanking the delivery girl for her Uber Eats bag.

The clip then plays a sequence in which the actress forgets the identity of her mythical former Friends co-star Schwimmer. When he goes to hug her, Aniston hesitates and Schwimmer crushes the flowers in her Uber Eats bag. ‘Have we met?’ she asks her lifelong friend.

Yielding to her oblivion, Schwimmer says: ‘You still don’t know, do you?’ Aniston admits he’s right. As she walks away with her bag of goodies, she scoffs: ‘Like I’m going to forget ten years of my life’.

The ad also includes cameos from people ‘forgetting’ simple memories such as David and Victoria Beckham, who starred in the Uber Eats teaser for the big game.

During the advert, David alludes to the name of his iconic group, the Spice Girls. ‘Remember when you were the Spice girl?’ asks David. To which Victoria replies, ‘Weren’t you the cinnamon sisters?’

Jelly Roll, who has several face tattoos, also appears in the advert forgetting that he ever got a tattoo; while Usher enters the final scene to close the advert: ‘I hope I get to perform at half-time one day’, joking that he will actually perform during this year’s big game.

The Uber Eats ad will air on Super Bowl 11 February.