Jenna Ortega stars in Doritos Dinamita ad for Super Bowl

The actress dazzles in this audiovisual ode to Latin culture.

Click here to read the Spanish version.

This ad, which will air during the big Super Bowl game on 11 February, is presented as a celebration of Doritos‘ new flavours that dynamite the palate.

In the ad, Dina and Mita become Jenna Ortega‘s fictional grandmothers, who go to the supermarket together in search of Doritos’ new ‘Dynamite’ crisps.

When the protagonist of ‘Wednesday’ goes to another aisle, a dispute starts between Dina, Mita and another Doritos Dinamita fan played by Danny Ramirez.

The duo of grandmothers then confront the ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ actor for the last bag of crisps, chasing him down the road until they reach his house and get hold of the pot. Ortega, oblivious to her grandmothers’ speedy pursuit, ends up claiming them at the supermarket.