Jacquemus opens idyllic fashion restaurant in Saint Tropez

That’s LA REINASSANCE by Jacquemus.

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Jacquemus is reborn through another evocative gastronomic expression creatively directed by Simon Porte. A new idyllic, Mediterranean-inspired enclave opens the summer season on France’s Côte d’Azur.

The restaurant is presented as a café and brasserie that encapsulates the brand’s hedonistic lifestyle on the shores of the ocean, once again glimpsing the synergy between fashion and gastronomy that has served up everything from installations to objects and collections.

We are pleased to announce the opening of… Jacquemus La renaissance. From today we will welcome you in a new decoration signed Jacquemus, with a new menu designed by Ella Aflalo and executed by Anna Maria Cadena’, allude the notes of the new project that feeds through its aesthetic and culinary vision of the Mediterranean culture.

LA REINASSENCE is dressed in the elegance, minimalism and sophistication of the Parisian firm, represented by its geometric striped furniture, decorative pieces or lemon trees that bring shadows to the tables illuminated by the sun.

Meanwhile, the restaurant’s gastronomic proposal will pay homage to fresh produce from the sea and the land, with dishes such as sea bream carpaccio with citrus and hazelnuts, pastas and other French dishes to close the sensory circle served by Jacquemus.