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IDILIO Cocina y Vino: hedonism and gastronomic luxury in Majorca

This urban oasis has just opened its doors in the heart of the island paradise.

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Idilio is presented as a creative culinary space connected by the emotional background of its creators. They are chef Ricardo Navarro, sommelier Alejandro Vivas and journalist Miguel Pich: three friends who decided to join forces to open a project in which to demonstrate their collective love of food and wine. A synergy with which they aim to redefine the island’s culinary scene through their hedonistic neighbourhood philosophy.

The project promotes Mediterranean cuisine and natural wine under a sybaritic and/or sophisticated vision, but with humble dyes that run through the whole concept. Our greatest effort and talent is aimed at making the quality/price/pleasure ratio extraordinary and accessible to our neighbours and professional colleagues’, say the founders.

Both Alejandro and Ricardo, friends since childhood, have extensive experience and gastronomic training that they have acquired in different wineries and restaurants such as Cap Rocat, Grupo Paraguas, Martín Berasategui, Marc Fosh, Antica Corte Pallavicina and Mirador de Ulía.

Meanwhile, Miguel, who has travelled all over the world, worked as a chef and waiter in Latin America, has a broad approach to the world of hospitality; which he now transfers to this new universe opened out of pure devotion. He is in charge of the communicative direction, and of verbally conveying everything that happens at IDILIO Palma, located at Calle de Antoni Frontera, 12.

An authentic proposal of haute cuisine

Idilio is conceived as a house of portions where the dishes are designed to be shared in the same ritual around the table. Here tradition is reinterpreted through dishes such as bravas, fried puntillitas or stews with a deeply personal touch. Although their great speciality is the art of the embers with which they present smoked meats prepared for 5 days in order to achieve the desired flavour and texture. These are served sculpturally in the centre of the table, stacked in a tower surrounded by different sauces, salad, bread and gherkins. Finally, their fish dishes such as fried fish, tuna taco or grilled monkfish brochette emphasise and elevate their proposal of ‘neighbourhood hedonism’ stimulated around pleasure and social connection.

This luxury experience, far from extravagance, is also perfectly combined with its curated selection of vinyl music, and its wine list with 130 references that will evolve and expand over time, respecting their ecological, clean and fresh properties.