How to prepare boiled chestnuts, the Galician autumn recipe

We show you how to prepare this very simple but delicious dish.

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We are in full season of chestnuts and, therefore, today we bring you a very simple recipe, quick to prepare and that everyone likes. It is a typical recipe from Galicia during the autumn season. You only need three ingredients: chestnuts, salt and aniseed. And you will have a delicious dish. Are you up for it?

Boiled chestnuts recipe


  • 400 g of chestnuts
  • Salt
  • Aniseed in grain


  • There is not much mystery. First peel the chestnuts, removing the shells.
  • In a casserole put some water to boil and a few grains of aniseed.
  • Let the chestnuts cook for 20-25 minutes and you have them!