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How Highxtar. and LEVI’S® celebrated ‘back to school’ at UMusic Hotel Madrid

UMusic Hotel Madrid became the creative stage on which Highxtar. continued celebrating the rentrée with LEVI'S®.

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The effervescent artistic community of Highxtar. gathered at nightfall in the heart of the capital, forming a nucleus of energy synchronized with the spirit that surrounds UMusic Hotel Madrid; between sights, experiences and sounds inspired by music that stimulate the creativity of the guests who inhabit it.

The party also opened a new episode in its collaborative history with LEVI’S®, following the launch of its latest and sixth Digital Cover starring Aitana, one of the most acclaimed musical figures of the pop scene, and current ambassador of the cult denim brand revered by all generations.


The exclusive event, which featured a cast of guests made up of talents and personalities of fashion, art or music such as Recycled J, María Escarmiento, Natalia Lacunza, Pepa Salazar, Ralpie Choo or Judeline, began around 9 pm as a festive ritual of welcome in Nota Alta: the rooftop that tops the hotel, between spirits, soft drinks and starters such as gildas, ham and cheese tapas.

After that intro set in the sky of Madrid, came the main course of the party signed by LEVI’S®: a dinner in the purest style Highxtar. in the restaurant El Albéniz, by Alejandro Moreno, the executive chef who serves the most iconic recipes of Madrid’s gastronomy and culture.

There he presented a menu composed of succulent creations such as a roasted tomato salad, a squid brioche with kaffir lime emulsion, and a beef short rib with Dutch potato. Meanwhile, the vegan option featured dishes such as roasted eggplant with tomato concasse and raisins or chickpea meatballs with vegetable demi-glace. Desserts such as homemade cheesecake or peach in syrup with macerated strawberries put the icing on the gastronomic experience.

The dinner served as a base to continue in an after party on the terrace to the rhythm of Merca Bae‘s electronic mixes, which made the whole community dance until late into the night, ending the rentrée event with a few glasses of Chivas to toast the fifth anniversary of Highxtar. and the powerful heritage of LEVI’S®.