How one guy scammed 100 free meals from McDonald’s using ChatGPT

An apparently illegal process that he himself explains step by step.

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The AI revolution also sometimes means that the system can sometimes be misconfigured and hacked in many ways with the help of chatbots. Such was the case with host Gage, who managed to scam McDonald’s using ChatGPT.

The podcaster and entrepreneur used the app to get free fast food menus from the chain, as a procedure he explained and decoded during a November 2023 recording on ‘All Things The Podcast‘.

There he would explain how to hack the McDonald’s system step by step, until you get 100 free meals. The first step is to find discarded receipts in one of their establishments.

According to the podcaster, once you have the receipt, you have to mark ‘very dissatisfied’ in his survey. Then use ChatGPT to write a fake complaint.

‘Just write something like: “I once had a horrible experience at McDonald’s where I ordered a Big Mac. And make it less than 1,200 characters long’. Copy it. Paste it. It’s usually really bad,’ he says.

Gage added that he has received up to four free food vouchers from McDonald’s for a single receipt survey. A controversial act that has put him in the virtual limelight of criticism, receiving a lot of negative comments on the internet.

A maelstrom of reactionaries to whom he retorted that he was ‘not hurting anyone’. Others even echoed his sentiment, adding: ‘This is more sad than cool’.