Grapes or gummy bears? This is the new optical illusion that is dividing TikTok

Depending on how you interpret the image, you will 'value organisation or freedom more'.

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A new optical illusion generated by Mia Yilin has just revolutionised the platform. It consists of the following: an edible bunch that looks like grapes to some people and like gummy bears to others. A decision that, according to the user, works as a personality test.

‘If you saw the gummy bears for the first time, you are a very organised and punctual person,’ he explains in the video. ‘You value productivity and always try to maximise your time.’

On the other hand, ‘if you saw grapes for the first time, you crave adventure and freedom. You find peace in nature and prioritise quality over quantity when it comes to relationships.’

Yilin, who has more than 457,000 followers on the platform, regularly posts visual personality tests. This one in particular, though, has had the biggest impact on the TikTok community, who note that their interpretations of green shapes match Yilin’s analysis.

‘I’ve seen grapes and it’s soooo true,’ wrote one TikTok user, although others disagreed with the results of the culinary exercise or trend that adds to other gummy bear experiments, such as exponentially growing a gummy bear over a container filled with water and salt in the fridge.