GoXo presents a special menu featuring Cristina Pedroche’s favourites

Daviz Muñoz's haute cuisine delivery restaurant celebrates the birthday of 'LA REINA GOXA' with this gastronomic tribute.

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The ‘Menú Pedroche‘ becomes a representation of the presenter’s favourite dishes within GoXo’s avant-garde culinary proposal. A compilation marked by the creative and experimental stamp of chef Dabiz Muñoz, recognised as the best chef in the world by The Best Chef Awards.

This exclusive menu, which will be launched today 30 October to celebrate Cristina’s 35th birthday, will be available for home delivery until Sunday 5 November in Madrid and Barcelona only through Glovo.

But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: what will Pedroche’s menu include? The ‘Udon Singapore de carabineros’, made with smoked lemon butter and bacon, free-range egg, grilled prawns and suquet de carabineros and chipotles. One of his favourite dishes that will join the beef meatballs with Mexican moles and puffed rice. Finally, and of course, the creamy ‘La Pedroche’ cheesecake will put the cherry on top of the menu and this exclusive experience with which to celebrate Cristina’s birthday collectively.

The ‘Menú Pedroche’, which is designed to be shared between 2 diners, will be priced at 46€.