Gordon Ramsay renews ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ for two more seasons

Here’s everything we know about the 23rd and 24th seasons of the culinary reality show.

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Television’s most successful and controversial chef shows no signs of slowing down. Gordon Ramsay continues to open up new dimensions to his shows; as he has just done with Fox’s ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, which has been officially renewed for its 23rd and 24th seasons.

What has been its flagship series for more than 20 years, which pits two groups of chefs against each other in an intense culinary competition, will not change its format, but it will change its setting. The show will now be shot at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut, the location where Ramsay opened a new restaurant Hell’s Kitchen in the summer of 2023. This is a plot twist, as the last few seasons have been filmed in Los Angeles.

New generations of ‘chefs from hell’ will be stepping into Gordon’s fiery, critical kitchen, to ‘turn up the heat’, as the show vaguely suggests in a tweet. And while the current deal with Foxwoods only envisages filming two seasons of the series at the casino restaurant, Hell’s Kitchen is expected to continue for many more, regardless of location.