This is the giant bagel pizza that takes 24 hours to make: would you eat it?

The latest fast food craze in New York is a giant - and unhealthy - bagel pizza that costs almost €80. Would you try it?

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Few things come as a surprise when it comes to fast food proposals. New and bizarre combinations are popping up all the time, going viral and selling like hot cakes. For some, they are downright filthy, while others are looking to try the strangest options that appear on the market. One of the latest products to go viral is a giant pizza bagel that has been sold in New York for more than 5 years, but thanks to social networks it has become fashionable and sales have multiplied. I’m sure it won’t be long before something similar is sold in Spain.

Like many of America’s fast food offerings, this bagel pizza is neither light nor healthy. It is sold at Utopia Bagels by order and costs almost €80. It would really be like 2 pizzas, as the bagel is split in two. In total, each half would make about 15 portions, so one bagel pizza can eat quite a few people.

Although it is fast food, it is not a quick process. It takes more than 24 hours to create. First the dough is rolled out and left to rest in the fridge for a whole day. Then it is baked like a normal bagel, then opened into two pieces and used like pizza dough. The appropriate ingredients are added – of good quality, according to some food critics who have tried it – and it is then put back in the oven. The result is an explosive bomb capable of satisfying 20 people. At Utopia Bagels they have gone from having 1 or 2 bagel pizza orders a week to 10 a week in the last month.

But that’s not the only eye-catching product on offer here. You can also order bagels in all sorts of sizes and add any toppings you can imagine.

They also often create special editions to celebrate events, such as at Pride, where they released an indescribably colourful bagel pizza with macaroni, honey and lots of cheese.

Around the world we can find many other bizarre gastro proposals, such as these Trash Nachos that we showed you a few weeks ago, for example.