From Neapolitan to Chicago-style: these are the 10 different ways to prepare pizza (and where to eat them)

We created the definitive guide to the styles of pizza you should know, and the restaurants where to try them.

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Whether you are theoretical or practical, and want to learn more about the vast world of pizza or taste its variants, here is a list of the main types of pizza that exist, which vary depending on the types of dough, culinary process or ingredients. Although many of these styles are typical of specific areas, some of them can be tasted in different places in Spain. Here are the most popular ones.

1. Chicago Deep Dish

Beyond hot dogs, the ‘Windy City’ worships pizza through two distinct iterations. Although the most famous or known to all is probably the ‘Deep Dish’, with high edges and a thick crust topped with lots of cheese and tomato sauce.

Where to try it?

If you want to live the authentic experience of ‘Deep Dish’ pizzas in Madrid, Chicago Style Pizza, which has two locations in the capital, serves these tasty options. They have several sizes and typical flavors such as the Buffalo Chicken, the Cheek To Cheek or the Meatball Pizza. The medium pizzas cost just over 21 €.

They are located at 21 Maudes Street (Cuatro Caminos area) and 9 Ferraz Street (Ventura Rodríguez).

2. Chicago tavern style

At the other end of the spectrum, we find the Chicago-style thin crust pizza. Also known as ‘tavern pizza’: a very thin crust, with sauce and cheese sprinkled to the edges, leaving little or no crust. The dough is cut into small triangular portions in order to facilitate consumption in a tavern.

3. Detroit style pizza

Detroit-style pizza is made in a steel skillet, resulting in a crispy, light and airy dough creation that is topped with meat, Wisconsin cheese and other toppings such as olives or bell bell pepper before being finished with sauce.

Where to try them?

Located inside The Hoxton hotel, in Barcelona, is Four Corners, where they serve authentic Detroit style pizzas in their Slice Shop. You can taste a good pizza with crispy and thick dough. They have them between 12 and 29 €.

And they are at The Hoxton Hotel in Poblenou – Avinguda Diagonal 205, 08018 Barcelona.

4. Neapolitan pizza

Although there are countless versions of Neapolitan pizza, most restaurants do not serve the original, certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN). Neapolitan pizzas, originally from Naples, are usually small and have only tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil.

Where to try them?

With 34 locations throughout Spain, Grosso Napoletano has become one of the trendiest pizzerias. Here they serve authentic Neapolitan pizza, thin and elastic dough with thick and spongy edges.

5. New York Pizza

It is usually quite large, cheap and cheesy, and is often sold by the portion served on a paper plate on the streets of New York, advocating a style in sync with the fervor of the city and the pace of the cosmopolitan crowd.


At Antonia Pizza they serve it in the purest American style: XXL individual portions, cheap price and good cheese. Each slice costs around 2 € and they already have 4 locations in the center of Madrid (Malasaña, Chueca, Lavapiés and Sol).

6. Pizza al taglio

Pizza al taglio, which means ‘cut’ in Italian, has a rectangular format that is usually cut into squares with scissors and sold in portions with a variety of toppings.

Where to try them?

In Pizza d’Autore (Barcelona) they serve the typical Roman pizza al taglio. 100% Italian products, near the metro Sant Antoni. In their menu, prices are per kg. For example, a pizza bianca costs 12 €/kg.

They are located at Tamarit 142, 08015, Barcelona.

7. Sicilian pizza

Traditional Sicilian pizza, or ‘sfincione’, has a thick, spongy crust similar to focaccia, and is topped with a tomato sauce with anchovies, breadcrumbs and thick chunks of cheese.


Trinakria serves authentic Sicilian flavors. Among the pizzas they offer you will find the Sicily, with tomato sauce, mozzarella, anchovies, onion and black olives. It costs 13,60 €. They are located at 182 López de Hoyos street, Madrid and they also have delivery.

8. New Haven ‘Apizza’

This thin crust pizza, also called ‘Apizza’, was first created at Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana in 1925, and is having its moment of glory in Connecticut right now. It is cooked in a charcoal oven and features a crispy, charred crust.

9. Rhode Island Style Pizza

Rhode Island style pizza, also called strip pizza, has a dough similar to focaccia and is topped with tomato sauce and sometimes a little grated cheese. It is usually found in bakeries and is served at room temperature.

10. Quad Cities Style Pizza

This pizza is originally from the Quad Cities region, which includes a number of cities in Illinois and Iowa. It stands out for the incorporation of malt in its thin dough, which gives it a totally different flavor from the rest. It is covered with sauce, sausage and cheese before being baked and cut into small strips.