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From chicken-flavored popcorn to fried egg fries: foods that don’t taste what they should taste

We like to try new flavors but more than one would be surprised if they put any of these products in their mouths.

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Many times we like to try new flavors in some of our favorite snacks, sweets or drinks. Although the truth is that we do not always expect to find certain flavors in some of the foods we present in this list and that more than one would be caught by surprise if they put any of these products in their mouths.

Popcorn chicken flavor

This popcorn is manufactured in Japan by the brand that in Spain is marketed as Lays and has a different range of flavors than in Spain. There you can buy popcorn flavored with the typical fried chicken that in Japan is cooked with lemon.

Sweet bean flavored Pepsi

Also there in Japan, they have a variety of cola drinks that the Japanese market demands but that we have never seen outside their borders. Specifically, they have a Pepsi whose flavor is the typical filling that is introduced in many of the sweets of that country, that of sweet beans.

Wasabi flavored doughnuts with cheese

Also in Asia, in the country of Singapore, there is a local of the well-known Dunkin Donuts franchise, which has very peculiar flavors. Among them, there is one with wasabi flavor with cheese… but it is not the only one, because next to it there was also one with cheese and seaweed. These are certainly not the typical flavors that can be found in Spain.

Olive sorbet with anchovies

But here in Spain there are also unusual and unexpected flavors in the food you are about to eat. And in particular, it is the world of ice cream. There is an Aragonese ice cream parlor, Elarte, which dares to innovate in this type of sweets. In addition to strawberry, vanilla or stracciatella flavors, there are also others such as roasted bell pepper flavor, olive sorbet with anchovies, gazpacho or pickled mussels.

Fish flavored water with potatoes

And in another place where they like to innovate a lot is in the United States, where you can find drinks with special flavors, but they are not only flavored water, but the company that markets them, MeatWater, intended these drinks to replace meals and they did so by giving them the flavor of the food they wanted to replace. For example, water flavored with fish and potatoes, beef burger flavor with cheddar cheese, chicken breast or tandoori chicken.

Chicken-flavored cereals, waffles and bacon

To celebrate World Cereal Day, which is May 7, Honey Bunches of Oats, an American cereal brand, launched several special flavors that would surprise anyone who puts one of its flakes in their mouth. Among others, it launched chicken flavor, waffles and bacon.

Fried egg potatoes

In the supermarket that most of Spain usually visits to do their daily shopping, we find one of the most curious flavors on this list.

In Mercadona, you can buy El Valle brand potato chips with fried egg flavor, a very different option and a flavor that until now, no one could expect when eating a potato bag.