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France unveil baguette-scented stamps

A revolutionary idea involving the printing of olfactory microcapsules on stamps.

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Two months before the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, the French postal service wanted to leave a mark on visitors with this action with which you can send scented postcards to your loved ones.

It is a sensory experience carried out by La Poste to pay tribute to the iconic French food: the baguette. The bread of our daily life, symbol of our gastronomy, jewel of our culture’, according to the committee. To which they add an evocative and romantic description of the bread: ‘bearer of culture and customs, the baguette is deeply rooted in the daily practices of the French. It embodies a ritual, that of going to their bakery, a local business anchored in the regions, which attracts twelve million consumers every day’.

The stamps in question, which must be scratched off to reveal a strong baguette smell, feature a design by French artist Stephanie Humbert-Bassett of a baguette wrapped in a tricolour ribbon of the French flag.

According to La Poste, the stamps will only be on sale at post offices and newsagents nationwide for a price of EUR 1.96, although they can be used for international mailings. However, only 594,000 copies will go on sale.