F.P.Journe Le Restaurant: a historic fusion of gastronomy and high-end watchmaking

The watchmaker ventures into the world of haute cuisine to set up a joint restaurant.

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Michelin-starred chef Dominique Gauthier and François-Paul Journe, founder of his eponymous luxury watch brand F.P. Journe, have just opened the doors of a new restaurant in Geneva that harmoniously blends the techniques, identity and spirit of both arts.

On the emblematic Rue du Rhône, ‘F.P.Journe Le Restaurant‘ is now located in the historic premises formerly occupied by the brasserie La Bavaria, characterised by its iconic interiors with dark oak panelling and geometrically patterned shuttered ceilings.

On the basis of these architectural elements, the new restaurant underwent four years of renovation and a decorative redesign by Journe, who dressed the whole place in the watchmaking identity: from a 17th century astronomical clock, to the cutlery decorated with watchmaking motifs, to the posters of technical drawings on the walls. Not to mention the naming of the tables after famous watchmakers.

In addition, the three tasting menus are named after the iconic F. P. Journe watch models, created under the creative direction of Dominique Gauthier, reflecting his signature Mediterranean style, stylised with bursts of citrus and spice inspired by his travels in Thailand.

Fans of the chef will also find some of his signature dishes, such as scampi in kadaïf or hare ravioli with truffles, which will allow them to revisit the chef’s gastronomic and historical archive.