Ben Affleck as a Dunkin vendor and 6 other Super Bowl 2023 food commercials

In a mega-event that attracts more than 100 million viewers, brands take the opportunity to advertise their products in front of a huge audience. We tell you which food brands advertised this year and which celebrities starred in the ads.
Ben Affleck en el anuncio de Dunkin para la Super Bowl.

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Although the absolute star of the Super Bowl 2023 was Rihanna and her half-time show after years away from the stage, there were also other attractions to be glued to the television during a sporting final that usually brings together more than 100 million viewers. In addition to the game itself, which gave the Kansas City Chiefs victory over the Philadelphia Eagles and a surprising Rihanna, who took advantage of the show to announce her second pregnancy, many brands had gone all out to advertise their products in an ad block where they pay up to 7 million dollars for 30 seconds on screen, almost half a million more than the normal price, according to Front Office Sports.

Among the most recurrent, there are usually many food and drink commercials starring celebrities. We take a look at which ones have made their way into this year’s Super Bowl 2023. From Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez to Elton John, Ben Stiller or Serena Williams, these are some of the names that have starred in funny spots.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez with Dunkin

The actor is a big fan of the Dunkin chain, and has been caught by the paparazzi on numerous occasions eating some of its products. For the new campaign, the actor infiltrates as a worker of the chain and attends to different customers, including his wife Jennifer Lopez, who reproaches him: “What are you doing here, is this what you do when you say you go to work all day? A spot that has caused a sensation on social networks.

Serena Williams with Michelob Ultra beer

On this occasion, Michelob Ultra, the second largest beer in the United States, has hired the tennis player Serena Williams to star in the advertising campaign for its Ultra Club beer, in which the sportswoman appears playing golf against the actor Brian Cox. The commercial also features other athletes such as boxer Cnaelo Álvarez and footballer Alex Morgan.

Anna Faris and Avocados From Mexico

The actress stars in the advert for Avocados from Mexico. Like Adam and Eve, Anna Faris feasts on avocados, symbolising the true forbidden fruit. It is one of the most consumed foods during this event. For the Super Bowl alone, thousands of tonnes of avocados are imported from Mexico.

The stars of ‘Breaking Bad’ and PopCorners

Although the series ended a decade ago, snack brand PopCorners has brought back the stars of ‘Breaking Bad’ to create a delicious new product.

Elton John with Doritos

Although the veteran singer only makes a cameo in the new Doritos campaign starring rapper Jack Harlow, he has also been one of the claims for the ad’s success during the Super Bowl 2023 broadcast.

Ben Stiller and Steve Martin with Pepsi

Pepsi is one of the most iconic Super Bowl brands. This year it has enlisted actors Ben Stiller and Steve Martin for its fun new campaign ‘Great Acting or Great Taste’ about who acts better and the taste of the new Pepsi Zero Sugar.

Brie Larson and John Hamm with Hellman’s

Another fun Super Bowl campaign has been carried out by the mayonnaise brand Hellmann’s. Starring Brie Larson and Jon Hamm, the actors are inside a fridge next to a jar of mayonnaise and make a pun with her first name (Brie) and his surname (Hamm).