First-ever chain restaurant food festival comes to Los Angeles

The 'ChainFest' will combine the gastronomic proposals of chains such as Panda Express, Pizza Hut and Red Robin in the same venue.

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Chain, the pop-up company co-founded by B.J. Novak, Michelin-starred chef Tim Hollingsworth, which consistently pays homage to our childhood favourite chains, is now extending its concept to take it a step further with the Chainfest festival.

The first food festival dedicated to the chain restaurants will offer brand new and limited menus from their venues in collaboration with the iconic Chain chef, as an immersive experience that will be fused with a myriad of games and activities.

Participating chains will include Chili’s, Dunkin’, Jack in the Box, Panda Express, Pizza Hut, Red Robin and Sonic, while liquid offerings will be served by Pepsi, Don Julio, Johnny Walker, Smirnoff and Captain Morgan.

ChainFest will take place from Friday 1 December to Sunday 3 December 2023 at Nya Studios in Hollywood. There’s still time to get your ticket and flight.