All the details on Beyoncé’s order to Bombay Barn after her last concert

The singer's team ordered from this Indian restaurant after her concert at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland (England), and the ticket has gone viral.
Esto es lo que comió Beyoncé después de su último concierto

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American superstar Beyoncé is a foodie, making time to indulge in her favorite foods even when she’s immersed in her spectacular world tours. After her final concert of the Renaissance tour – her seventh studio album – at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland, England, she and her crew ordered Indian food from the Bombay Barn restaurant and the ticket has gone viral.

“Nothing to see here, just a takeaway order for Beyoncé’s team, with delivery backstage at her concert at the Stadium of Light!” the restaurant shared on its Facebook next to the order ticket. This one included several curry boxes (of chicken masala, lamb curry, chicken bhuna, vegetable bhajis, rice pilaf and Indian fries) priced at £24 (€27.65) and a smashed burger pizza for £16.49 (€19).

While some fans have congratulated the restaurant and applauded the choice of Beyoncé and her team, others have questioned whether the order was hers. Arif Sheikh, owner of Bombay Barn, cleared any doubts: “We are honored that Beyoncé’s entourage placed an order with us. We hope they enjoyed the food after a busy show.” He added: “It was a shock that they chose our restaurant, but we were delighted to be able to help them.”

‘Recidivist’ fried chicken lover

Beyoncé – or Queen Bey, as she is called – who paid tribute to the recently deceased Tina Turner from her website, has also placed other fast food orders since her tour began on May 10. And the one she placed with Nando’s before her concert in Edinburgh last Saturday went viral: 110 chicken burgers, 90 pittas and nine chicken thighs, which cost £1,800 (about €2,073).

But this is not the first time this fried chicken lover has ordered food from this Portuguese fast food chain. Here we tell you about other orders from the singer with chicken as the undisputed protagonist: one of 48 chickens, 580 spicy wings, 48 servings of potatoes, 24 salads, 24 spicy rice sticks and 12 veggie burgers (then she spent 1,688 euros); and another of 28 chickens, potatoes, corn on the cob and garlic bread (900 euros). Will Indian food have less followers in her team?