Espai Sucre, the world’s first dessert restaurant, closes down

The sweet project that marked a global milestone is about to close its doors.

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Espai Sucre will put an end to its powerful legacy in the world of gastronomy that began in 2000. Owner Jordi Butrón announced the bitter news in an Instagram clip, in which he sadly revealed the last graduating class of his school – and of his iconic ‘Espai Sucre’ method – as well as the closure of the world’s first dessert restaurant.

This culinary institution is known for having set the standard for more than two decades of teaching through his innovative vision with which he has positioned desserts under the same approach, and even a higher one, than the main course. An avant-garde method with which Butrón, together with his ex-partner Xano Saguer, rewrote the codes of the pastry universe.

Butrón cited health problems as the main reason for the closure, as these ‘make it unadvisable to manage the day-to-day running’ of the establishment and the school. I am very calm because the Espai Sucre method is very much alive in hundreds of students all over the world who use it every day’.

Despite the closure, the chef will continue to give classes and manage the restaurant dessert course The Best Dessert, as well as working on the publication of a book compiling the 25-year history of Espai Sucre.