The viral video of Millie Bobby Brown for the way she eats this vegetable

All the videos of the interview have thousands of views, some even reach 5 million on TikTok, but if there is one that stands out above the others, it is the one in which the actress appears eating a vegetable.

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In ‘Stranger Things‘, we have seen Millie Bobby Brown for hours, facing thousands of atypical situations in the series. Her fame exploded after the first season of the successful Netflix production and her life has been exposed to the media on many levels. However, there is always some new facet to discover about artists like Millie Bobby Brown.

Recently, the actress appeared in an interview with the media outlet ‘Unilad‘, in which they talked about different topics, including their animals, both cats, and dogs, they talked about their British origins, their beauty routine, and love. But the most striking thing about this interview was none of that.


🐾 Millie Bobby Brown doesn’t think dogs and donkeys make for great pals

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“The dirtier, the better”

The media outlet shared on social networks the funniest fragments of the interview they conducted with Millie Bobby Brown. All the videos have several tens of thousands of views, some even reach 5 million on TikTok, but if there is one that stands out above the others, it is the one in which the actress appears eating.

The interviewer offers her carrots in various shapes, shredded, in pieces or whole, unwashed: “We had heard that you were a carrot enthusiast.” The artist, taking the uncut and unwashed vegetables from the leaves, said that “they were the best”: “The dirtier, the better“.


🥕 The dirtier the carrot, the better 😂 #milliebobbybrown #getajob

♬ original sound – UNILAD – UNILAD

Millie Bobby Brown explained that when her mother was pregnant with her, “she ate a lot of unwashed carrots”. He says that she didn’t like them at first, but maybe that’s why she “was drawn” to carrots. For her, they taste “earthier“.

It is not the only food they offer her, they also put ranch sauce on the table so that she can season her small appetizer with something else, but the actress refuses: “I hate ranch“, she says.

The comments about the way he ate carrots did not wait, some showed their rejection, and others shared that they do the same. Of course, the most controversial statements were those about the ranchera sauce. Her hatred of the condiment ignited the comments on that TikTok post, with people wondering “How can you hate ranchera” or criticizing the actress: “I can’t trust people who don’t like ranchera“.