Hailey Bieber’s French fries challenge

Five french fries dishes from five different restaurants: do you dare to try the famous influencer's challenge?
El reto de las patatas fritas de Hailey Bieber

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Influencer and model Hailey Bieber has millions of followers on her social networks, whom she continually surprises with fun videos. In this case, a clip from her YouTube series Who’s In My Bathroom has gone viral, where Hailey and her guest, actress Shay Mitchell, participated in a French fry challenge that consisted of figuring out which restaurant they belonged to.

While normally these challenges can be exciting, in this test the fries were very different and a priori it wasn’t hard to get it right. “I think I’m going to sweep,” Shay declared at the start of the challenge. But there’s always room for the unexpected….

Potato tasting

The first potatoes in the ‘tasting’ were from In-N-Out Burger, and they both guessed it at full speed. “Obviously,” said Shay Mitchell after agreeing on the answer with her friend Hailey. Next, they tried another of the world’s most famous fries, those from Five Guys, which they also figured out right away. In third place, McDonald’s and its almost immortal and absolutely recognizable fries.

Then came the turn of Wendy’s fries, accompanied by some confusion because they had been labeled as if they were from Burger King. Do you want to know what really happened and how the curious challenge ended? Judge for yourselves:


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No wonder Hailey Bieber has taken on this gastro challenge: she’s a real foodie with her own cooking show, What’s In My Kitchen, which we’ll tell you all about. She also likes to share recipes on her networks, as well as her experiences in restaurants around the world.