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There is already a reopening date for the new phase of the Madrid restaurant El Club Allard with the prestigious chef Martín Berasategui as gastronomic advisor. It will be on 28 March and is undoubtedly one of the most eagerly awaited of 2023 in the capital. The restaurant, located at the beginning of Calle Ferraz in a historic building dating from 1914, Casa Gallardo, is a reference point in Madrid’s culinary history, and has even held two stars. With the arrival of Berasategui, the idea is to transfer the essence of the Basque’s cuisine through his most significant dishes and all his baggage and prestige, endorsed by his 12 stars and Suns. For this project, he will have the support of the chef José María Goñi, one of his disciples and who has a solid career in Spain and Asia.

“We landed in Madrid with great enthusiasm and ambition, but with humility and respect for a city that, in gastronomic and personal terms, has always been an example for me and has my total admiration. So we arrive with the best arsenal, with our own dishes, the best suppliers in Spain and with a young and highly trained team. We want El Club Allard to regain what, by right and trajectory, is its own: a place of weight in the culinary history of our country”, assured the Basque chef.

Great classics and new proposals by Berasategui

In this new phase, Club Allard will initially have two tasting menus, a long one, consisting of 13 courses, and a short one, of ten. Approximately one month after its opening, the menu will also begin to operate, with iconic Berasategui dishes, such as his lobster salad, with more than seventeen vegetables, or sirloin steak with chard and foie gras. In addition, there will be new dishes made exclusively for the Madrid venue, such as tear peas in caramelised cutlet fat with sea urchin and clarified broth consommé based on pig’s trotter ramen.

The managers of El Club Allard valued last January “very positively” being able to count on a creator of the level of Martín Berasategui, as he is the Spanish chef with the most Michelin stars and one of the three chefs in the world with the most stars.

Club Allard was inaugurated in 1998, initially for members only, but opened its doors to the public in 2003 and became an essential address for the best gastronomy. It is also the only Spanish restaurant to have been awarded an Eckart Prize for Innovation (2017), one of the most prestigious international awards.