“Drag Me To Dinner” will make a culinary drag show a reality.

What could be better than a cooking contest and a drag reality show? Combine them into one.

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The LGTB+ community and drag queen lovers are in luck. Drag Me to Dinner” is coming to Hulu: a cooking competition starring drag performers who will compete to organize the best dinner.

The new show, which describes itself as “an unbridled, format-busting, wall-breaking parody of traditional game shows,” will be judged by a cast that includes Bianca Del Rio and Neil Patrick Harris, along with Harris’ husband David Burtka, Haneefah Wood and host Murray Hill. In addition, 40 drag performers will appear in starring roles throughout the show. Among them, the iconic RuPaul and Boulet Brothers’ Dragula.

“Seeing drag performers who are normally so well-lit and in their element and glamorous and fierce, I thought there was something fun about putting them in a setting that is unfamiliar to them in a way: how to quickly put together a dinner that includes food, drink, entertainment and decor and do it in a safe space that is also designed to be comedic,” Neil Patrick Harris said of the show’s concept.

The reality show will be spread over ten themed episodes in which two rival teams of aspiring performers will compete in categories such as “food and beverage” and “design and decor”. The winner will receive the glorious Golden Grater.

“Drag Me to Dinner” will thus serve viewers large doses of humor and gastronomy, between satirical and hilarious scenes in an inclusive show that will see the light of day on May 31 on the Hulu platform.