Nombres propios

This is DelaCrem, the ice cream parlour in Barcelona where Dua Lipa and Callum Turner queued in the middle of the street

El icono pop se ha dejado ver por las calles de la ciudad con su novio Callum Turner.

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Dua Lipa has caused a sensation and a stir in Barcelona. From her lunch with Pedro Almodóvar, Tilda Swinton and Julianne Moore, for what could be her film debut, to her romantic urban walks in which the artist has been very natural with Turner.

The singer, who will give a concert at the McDonald’s Worldwide’ 24 convention at the Palau de Sant Jordi, in which The Killers will also take part, was seen with her partner in one of the city’s trendiest artisan ice-cream parlours, called DelaCrem. There, Dua opted for a dulce de leche and pistachio ice cream and Callum for a stracciatella.

This ice cream parlour, which fuses Italian ice cream tradition and local gastronomic culture, has been recognised by numerous awards and titles such as Madrid Fusion’s ‘100 +1 Best of Spanish Gastronomy’, as well as being one of Jordi Roca’s favourite ice cream parlours in the world.