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From a hike in the snow with wine tasting to a fondue on top: some of the extreme gastro experiences you can do in the Alps

If you like cheese – and the cold – these foodie experiences in the Swiss Alps are a real treat.

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They say that to enjoy a good dining experience, you have to earn it. This seems to be the premise in Switzerland, especially during the cold winter. If you are looking for foodie activities to do during a visit to the Alps, you should know that you will probably have to bring out your adventurous side to brave the inclement weather. From a 2 km hike with torches at sunset to enjoy a wine and cheese tasting, to a hiking session in the middle of the Alps to prepare a fondue at the top or live a romantic evening inside a cable car. We reveal some of the extreme activities in the Alps that combine gastronomy, nature and sport. Get your ski clothes ready.

Hiking and cheese & wine tasting

At the Tschuggen Grand Hotel, located in the town of Arosa, they offer a torch-lit hike and wine tasting experience. The idea is to walk through the stunning snow-covered forests of Arosa at dusk, equipped with torches to light the way. The reward? A local wine and cheese tasting at the Hotel Valsana, about 2 km from there, towards the summit.

The cheese train

If there’s one food that stands out in Switzerland (if you’ll forgive the chocolate), it’s cheese. That’s why many of the gastro plans revolve around it. In fact, there is a tour called ‘The Cheese Train’ that takes you through the breathtaking landscapes of the town of Château-d’Oex, while you discover its cheese-making traditions. Of course, a visit to Le Chalet restaurant is a must to enjoy a cheese-making demonstration and see how the artisans transform 400 liters of milk into cheese. And then taste it in a delicious fondue.

A fondue on top

If you like outdoor experiences, you can hike through the snow-capped mountains, culminating in a rewarding hike to the top. Just put on your snowshoes and grab your poles for a hike starting from the village of St. Antönien. With the help of mountain guide Dominik Karrer you will enjoy the spectacular surroundings. The great plan will end with the assembly of an improvised camp to prepare a fondue at the top with unique views.

A romantic evening in a cable car

Can you think of anything more bucolic than enjoying a romantic meal at high altitude with an incredible view of the snow-capped Alps? In the Saas Valley you can take a cable car ride at an altitude of 3,500 m, while enjoying a romantic fondue with a glass of wine or tea. A night walk is available to make the evening even more magical, even with the option of Candle light, to experience it by candlelight.