Cordoban chef Paco Morales took charge of the dinner for European leaders in Granada

Paco Morales fue el primer Chef of the Year en 2017, premio que otorga Tapas Magazine al mejor chef del año.

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The Córdoba chef Paco Morales, from the two-Michelin-star restaurant Noor, was in charge of serving the food to the European leaders who were in Granada for the meeting of the European Political Community, with more than 40 leaders. The meeting took place this Thursday and Friday in Granada.

GRANADA, España. (Marcelo del Pozo/Getty Images)

Nearly 1,500 small plates were served, designed, and created expressly for this event by the artisans of Cerámica San José, on La Rambla, in Córdoba. In addition to the leaders, companions attended, in total, they served food for about fifty people.

To fulfill this mission, the team was made up of more than 150 people to bring the historic food that Noor has served, since it launched in 2016, to the palates of the leaders of the European political scene.

Paco Morales was the first Chef of the Year in 2017, an award given by Tapas Magazine to the best chef of the year.

The menu for the evening of European leaders, as reported by 7Caníbales, was composed of the following:

  • Andalusian cucumber and orange mint dressing
  • Chickpea bread toast with semi-cured bonito and anchovy mayonnaise
  • Warm cooked oyster with tangerine pickle
  • Breaded bun with smoked eggplant and cane honey
  • Pistachio Karim with green apple and pine nuts
  • Tomato salmorejo with mozzarella cloud
  • Vegetable salad with ras-al hanout and octopus
  • Bread with tomato and coppa Joselito
  • Durum wheat pasta with butter and smoked eel
  • Old beef tartare, kefir and parsley oil
  • Orange, Motril shrimp and cheese snow
  • Cod curd, cured quail yolk and caviar
  • Grilled sea bass with lettuce and chocolatier pepper
  • Roasted Andalusian beef loin and toasted brioche in sheep butter
  • Andalusian pestiño
  • Saffron and cane honey pannacotta
  • Rice with sheep’s milk, hazelnut and carob

The meal was accompanied by Mercure DO Sierras de Málaga red wines , Markiss DO Sierras de Málaga white wines and Cloe Brut Nature Sauvignon Blanc.