Cillian Murphy reveals he coped with SAG strike by eating cheese

Oppenheimer's protagonist experienced this eating obsession during the actors' and screenwriters' strike.

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Food, beyond being a basic necessity, can often be a means of escape and enjoyment. Something that Cillian Murphy seems to connect with, or so he expressed, in a way, during a Q&A session at the Oppenheimer screening in Los Angeles.

In the middle of that scene, the actor laughingly explained that he coped with the SAG-AFTRA strike by ‘staying home, and eating cheese’.

American actress Emily Blunt, who was also present at the event, asked him when he stopped eating cheese, to which Murphy sarcastically replied: ‘Yesterday’, i.e. ten days after the strike officially ended. And the fact is that, due to the profound and extensive actors’ and actresses’ strike in the USA that lasted until 9 November, the promotion of the film Oppenheimer was paralysed, after its recent release in the summer.

A moment when everything came to a halt, and as Murphy recounts, he stayed home: ‘It was very strange. It was London, actually. We got to Paris, then London and then everything stopped. So I’ve been home. Eating cheese‘, to which the actor added: ‘I recommend it’.