Christina Aguilera and Latto serve up big doses of food, rap and opera in the new Just Eat clip

The iconic duo revolutionise the music - and advertising - scene with Just Eat's new advert 'Did Somebody Say Menulog'.

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Latto and Christina Aguilera don baroque costumes as they eat, sing and dance around a regal-looking mansion: an opulent backdrop for Just Eat Takeaway’s new campaign.

It’s a new gastro-musical project in which the performers, rather than serving large quantities of hip-hop, are serving takeaway food, on an ongoing basis that highlights the convenience of using the food delivery app ‘Menulog‘.

The song ‘Did Somebody Say‘, which fuses rap and operatic sounds, is built around a musical menu of burgers, fries and staples.

Did Somebody Say ‘Just Eat’ – you thought it was just burgers and fries? They’ve got more flavours than you’ve ever tasted or heard of in your life,’ raps Latto as Aguilera belts out choruses.

This is what the app does. It’s not just fast food. It’s also changing styles like opera to rap,’ Latto adds. ‘And it’s not just restaurants anymore. We can go crazy at the supermarket.’

In the video, the stars also enjoy milkshakes in a golden-red gondola that just added the desired sumptuousness to the collaboration.