CBD ice cream arrives to Madrid

Within the eclectic display of ice cream parlors in the capital, this variant related to therapeutic cannabis is now flourishing.

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The Cannabis Gelato sets up shop in the heart of Madrid to stimulate ice cream and CBD lovers. It is the first and only franchise of the Cannabis gelato shop in Europe, displaying varieties of healthy and gluten-free Italian gelato with cannabis as the main ingredient.

All flavors, such as cannabis, chocolate or strawberry, evoke different cannabis flowers such as textures, temperature, fat or flavor of the ice cream. However, despite being the key product, they also sell crepes, cookies, muffins, brownies, lollipops, chocolate, candies, tea and hemp-based soft drinks.

This emerging ice cream shop thus explores the new culinary trend and/or the boom in gastronomy made with cannabidiol, the natural chemical compound found in the plant, which, unlike THC, does not have psychoactive properties.

The price? From 4.90 euros for two flavors and 6.90 euros for three flavors. Where? In Carretas street, 33, very close to Puerta del Sol.